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Legacy’s POV-Month’s Later-
Earl and I were looking through the entry’s for this contest and he had all kinds of cute girls in his but not me. “Damn I shouldn’t choose anybody” “Chill out, just keep looking I’m sure you’ll find one.” “I’ve looked through this list five times and they all look the same.” I sighed. “I’m just going to close it” “Give it like 10 seconds and see wh–” My phone beeped, indicating somebody else had signed up. I sighed and grabbed my phone, looking at the sign up:

Hi my name is Michele Sanders and I’d love to meet Dominic. I’m 17 years old and it would be an amazing experience to meet you Dom. 🙂

“She sounds cool” Earl said leaning over my shoulder. “Look she sent a picture too” I clicked on the link. “Damn” We both mumbled. ( I hurried and closed the contest. “So who are you choosing?” He asked. “Her” “Why?” “Because she’s sexy as hell and looks like a freak. She’s got dick sucking lips” “Wow, you know you’re plan is illegal, right?” “How?” “She’s 17, you’re 21 idiot” “So? 17 is close to being an adult” “But it’s not and in a federal court it’s not” “Fuck it, I don’t care” I pulled out my phone and dialed her number. (It was on the sign up lol)

Michele’s POV
“Marquise stop!” I said laughing. He was the one who got me to sign up for the contest. He said it’s always best to try because I might make it. “What?” I was about to respond when my phone started ringing. I picked it up and didn’t recognize the number. “Who the fuck is this?” I mumbled pressing answer. “Wussup? Is this Michele Sanders?” “Um…yeah? Who’s this?” “Legacy” I screamed and laid back. I pressed the phone back up to my ear. “Sorry about that…but why are you calling?” I asked. “You won the contest” “All ready!?” He laughed. “Yeah” “Wow thank you so much” “No problem but the limo will be by your house tomorrow morning at 8 to pick you up” “Okay but could my sisters come? I can’t go without them” “Yeah” I smiled. “Thank you Dom. Wait, can I call you that? Or do you like Dominic or Dommie or Legacy better?” He laughed. “Chill out anything is fine” I laughed.

“I’m sorry, I’m just nervous” “I can tell but look I have to go and I’ll see you tomorrow beautiful, alright?” I smiled. “Okay bye Dom” “Bye” I grabbed my pillow and pushed it over my face, screaming but Marquise grabbed it. “Who was it?” “Legacy; I won their contest.” I said smiling. He hugged me. “That’s great but can I be one of your sisters for tomorrow?” My smile faded. “Um he only said sisters” “But you weren’t even gonna do this if it wasn’t for me” “I know but…” He got up and grabbed his stuff. “Whatever, fuck it Michele. When ever you come to your senses call me” “Marquise wait” He slammed the door close. I sighed and sank down into my bed. I got up, thinking of something. I don’t care. Fuck him. I don’t know why he’s acting like such a bitch about things but I don’t care. I won the contest and I’m going to spend the next week with Dominic.

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