Summer Essentials You Must Not Forget About

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Summer Essentials You Must Not Forget About

A post shared by Kiki Vogels ☼ (@kikivogels) on Jun 4, 2020 at 12:03am PDT
Sunglasses Obviously, we are in need for some good pair of sunglasses! Not only can any outfit be completed with great sunnies , but they are also extremely practical. When you’re out and about, it’s never fun having to squint in the hopes of seeing something because the sun blindside you.
Or, doing that thing where you use your hand to shield your eyes, and you still have to half close them to see what’s going on. No, you don’t want this, and that’s why you need an awesome pair of sunglasses. It doesn’t matter if you have one pair that goes with every piece of clothing you have, or if you have different styles and colors for every occasion!
Flowy Clothes Going back to our point about being on tempature all the time, you’re going to need clothes that allow our body to breath. We know that when summer rolls around, the first temptation is to get into the shortest, and potentially tightest thing that you own. While it seems like a good idea, the tighter your clothes are, the more you are going to sweat in those areas. Your clothes are just going to stick to you as there is nowhere for the moisture to escape, instead staying trapped under your tight clothes. If anything, you’re going to want to avoid sweating as much as possible, which is why flowy clothes are your best friend.
You can get clothes that flow from you in all different variations. Skirts, dresses , long tops, you can even wear a pair of shorts that are a size too big with a belt if you can manage to make it work. There’s nothing better than feeling the cool air on your skin in summer when you’re roasting hot, so make sure you give yourself the best opportunity to feel it.
Sandals If you don’t want your feet to feel trapped, you’re going to need sandals . Flip-flops are perfect if you’re going to the beach, but they’re not practical for much else, which is why you need sandals that have some support. The ones that have straps around your ankles are the best as they offer you the support that you need while still looking incredible. At this moment, we are falling for the trends where we wrap the straps around the ends of our jeans.
There are so many different styles to choose from. You can either go online and browse this way, or you can head to your favorite store and look in person. Sometimes you don’t know if something is going to look good on you until you see it, which is why in person is probably the better solution.
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Swimwear Finally, you’re going to need swimwear. There is no way that you’re going to go all summer without going in a pool, into the ocean or to some kind of party where water is involved. It’s just not happening, and if it does, then it’s a very sad waste of beautiful weather. So, what kind of swimwear do you feel comfortable in? That’s the important thing that you feel comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear. It doesn’t matter whether this is a bikini or a one piece, it’s going to look great either way.
Make sure that you buy a couple of swimsuits, though, because you never know when you’re going to need them. Even if you just want to sit outside and get a little bit of a tan, you’re going to need swimwear to change into. There are so many occasions to wear it in the summer that you definitely need to get on this, try to use your bathing suit as a outfit piece — combine it with denim shorts and a good sandal with heel.
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We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now know what some of the summer essentials are that you must not forget. Good luck, and make the most of your summer any way that you can.

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