Stylists called clothes with optical illusions a new trend

Stylists called clothes with optical illusions a new trend

The stylists of Symbol magazine called things with the effect of optical illusion a new trend
The fashion editors of Symbol magazine called clothes with optical illusions on fabric a new trend. The relevant material appeared on the website of the publication.
According to stylists, bogus items with an image or outline of the body have become fashionable thanks to the collections of famous brands such as Loewe, Y/Project and Balmain. In addition, their popularization was facilitated by the collaboration of the Jean Paul Gaultier brand with designer Lotta Volkova, which included wardrobe items with a print with the effect of a naked female body.
In addition, many celebrities over the past years regularly appear in public in outfits in the mentioned style. Among them, for example, American businesswoman Kim Kardashian and hip-hop artist Cardi B, who appeared in dresses and overalls with similar colors.
Fashion designers are known to have borrowed this style from a genre of fine art called trompe l’oeil, which involves images that create the illusion of the impossible.
In May, Russian stylist and designer Lotta Volkova released nude-effect clothing for French luxury brand Jean Paul Gaultier. The result of their collaboration was dresses, tops, trousers, as well as swimwear and leggings with prints imitating the naked female body. Among other things, the collection includes items with designer Jean-Paul Gaultier’s signature cone-shaped cups on the chest.
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