Revolutionary swimwear for women with bigger boobs & smaller underbusts launches in the UK

Revolutionary swimwear for women with bigger boobs & smaller underbusts launches in the UK

Summer Club The Label (SCTL) is set to make a splash in the C+ swimwear market this season, by launching a revolutionary range of bikinis and swimsuits which allow women to fit by cup size and adjust the rest. Founded in 2021 by former paralegal, Danni Gisbourne, STCL uses a first-of-its-kind treble-adjustable strap design, along with high-quality, luxury fabrics and a novel triple lining, to create supportive swimwear options for women with bigger boobs and smaller underbusts. Women with this body shape struggle to find swimwear as the pieces are typically aligned to dress size, meaning the bigger the cup, the bigger the size of the underband – which, for many women, can be disproportionate. Fuller cup swimwear is also renowned for having thick straps and copious amounts of coverage, prioritising support over style. Following years of in-depth research and clever ergonomics, SCTL has found a way to break the mould of broad appeal manufacturing by adding a third adjustable strap to the back of their swimwear pieces, allowing women to focus on a cup that fits, then altering the rest. Every piece has been made using luxury fabrics that are made to last, with figure-flattering silhouettes and feminine, dainty designs. “Being a 32E, most of the swimwear that was on offer for my body shape was frumpy and dowdy and prioritised support over style. I wanted to wear fashionable and feminine swimwear styles like my friends, but they never seemed to come in my size,” said Danni. “And from speaking to other women, I learnt that this wasn’t just a ‘me problem’. A lot of ladies with bigger cup sizes and smaller under busts were having the exact same issue, suggesting that this area of the market was completely uncatered for.” “My inspiration for the treble-strap design came from having my bikinis tailored. It was always the back section of my swimwear that needed re-fitting, but the arms were fine because they already had adjustable straps. It made me wonder, why can’t we have adjustable straps round the back too?” Catering to women with a C-G cup and 28-36 band, the debut collection consists of eight swimwear pieces and will be available to buy from June 2021 exclusively via www.summerclubthelabel.co.uk. Related

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