Redmond designer creates swimwear that's fit and fashionable

Redmond designer creates swimwear that’s fit and fashionable

REDMOND, Wash. — Even at a young age, Niveen Fateha knew she wanted a future in fashion.
“When I was 8 I would design my own dresses, bring the drawing to the seamstress, and then she would make it into reality. And I loved that,” said Fateha.
She loved it so much she went to design school in Venezuela where she was raised, before moving to Seattle in 2004.
“Lots of people ask me why Seattle, it’s a gray town it rains so much. But that was destiny.”
After working in fashion for others, Fateha decided to start a clothing line of her own.
“The name of my company is called Adicora Swimwear . It’s named after a beach in Venezuela,” said Fateha. “A lot of swimwear I see are very basic, there’s a lot of solid patterns and especially the bottoms. They don’t fit right. You really want your swimwear to fit absolutely perfectly.”
Fit and design are first and foremost on her mind when she creates a new suit.
“I sketch them on paper, I put my illustrations on the computer. I do like a mix and matching colors. I am bold. I have no problem being colorful and loud. And that’s my personality.”
To help highlight her lines, Feteha likes to put her work out on the runway.
“Fashion shows are key to marketing just because after the fashion show you have people talking about it you have customers seeing your product in person.”
But it’s the photos of her suits that get the most exposure.
“I don’t want the typical catalog white background kind of photoshoot. I want a lifestyle. I want something that’s combined with art,” said Fateha. “There’s a really fine boundary when you’re shooting with bikinis. You don’t want it to look vulgar. That’s my main thing. It really looks flawless and beautiful and very classy.”
Swimsuits and Seattle may still sound odd to some, but Fateha hopes Adicora Swimwear will prove to be a perfect fit.
“I just want to make Seattle proud.”

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