Out to rain | Mai Boots

Out to rain | Mai Boots

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fwbulldog said: ↑ Wicking layer is taken care of, but it wicks right into the Carlsbad lining. And as big a deal as they make about gortex “breathing”, I call bullshit. If by “breathing” you mean “sweat rolls down and collects in my boots, then whatever.
This trip will cover 1800 miles, from high desert to 12K-foot ASL mountain passes. It’s going to be super hot, then super cold. Any rain/snow is just going to make it worse. As much as I like my stretchy kevlar riding jeans, I think they’re a bad choice for dealing with wet/snowy/muddy conditions.
Do you rinse your gear in the local stream and hope it’s dry by morning? Look for campgrounds with laundy? Click to expand… I never had this issue, I either had very cold rainy rides where my stays were airbnb with a washer drier, or very hot rides that were hot for the whole multi day trip and I could bring only mesh gear.
Despite running multiple times in temperatures above 100F, I never had sweaty gear, the air through mesh gear dries you up. Although riding at >95F is not pleasant, like sitting in front of a giant hair drier.
It never rained when I camped.

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