How To Love And Live Life Not Just On The Static Page

Always strive to show respect to those who have held higher ranks in your life. Always. Do not abuse their positions. Learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them. Do not treat them roughly or take things personal. Do not argue with them. Show them proper respect. Do not be a jerk.

Every morning and night know exactly when it is in the day or night you will be arriving or leaving. Know how long each day is. Do not waste time wishing you could be at work or playing games on your phone or surfing the internet. Your day and each day is limited.

When money is not an issue always have a plan for your expenses. Budget your income and outgoings. Do not make deductions for frivolities. Every month, each day, in each week, and in each hour do not spend more than you bring in.

Love your job. Do not criticize it. When your manager asks you for a recommendation for a book you read or a seminar you attend do not give him or her a “what’s in it for me” answer. When you are assigned to do something outside your field do not complain and say you cannot do it. Do not be selfish and expect your manager to be kind and considerate. Do not find fault in the people who work for you. When you see someone you love doing something you dislike always do not criticize, but rather find the goodness in their actions. Always love what is good in your company and never mind what is good in others.

These are some of the principles that keep you balanced and on task. If you want to move forward in life, be balanced, be compassionate, be happy and be successful you must live these principles.

Life is good!

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