Here's What's Happening With Elliot Page's Character As Umbrella Academy Season 3 Drops Tomorrow

Here’s What’s Happening With Elliot Page’s Character As Umbrella Academy Season 3 Drops Tomorrow

With just one more sleep before The Umbrella Academy season three drops, there’s a lot to be excited about – including what’s in store for Elliot Page’s character.
The 35-year-old star announced he’s trans back in December 2020, garnering praise and support from colleagues and fans alike.
With Netflix’s hit superhero series set to continue its story beyond season two , viewers were left wondering about Elliot’s role moving forward.
But in March this year, the actor confirmed the fantastic news that his character will be coming out in the third season, changing his name from Vanya to Viktor and using he/him/his pronouns.
Sharing an official photo of Viktor on Twitter at the time, Elliot wrote: “Meet Viktor Hargreeves.”
Netflix also said on its main account, “Welcome to the family, Viktor – we’re so happy you’re here,” with its LGBTQ+ page adding: “FEELS SO GOOD TO SAY THIS: Elliot Page stars as Viktor Hargreeves in Umbrella Academy S3!!!”
As for how the series will deliver the Viktor’s coming out story, UNILAD were lucky enough to catch an early glimpse of the episode – and while we can’t divulge any details, we’re going to hazard a guess that the fans will love it.
Meet Viktor Hargreeves ☂️ — Elliot Page (@TheElliotPage) [@UmbrellaAcad] [] [March 29, 2022] In a recent interview with Esquire , the Juno star explained why he loves working on The Umbrella Academy , having starred as one of the central superheroes in the show since season one dropped in 2019.
“I’ve learned how special it is to play one character for so long, to evolve with a family of characters,” he said.
“All of us have gone through a lot. Years have gone by, and we’ve changed and grown in our own ways.
“I love watching the growth happen alongside the show, our personalities interweaving and all of us having our own moments. I’m just learning to love the whole journey of it.”
FEELS SO GOOD TO SAY THIS: Elliot Page stars as Viktor Hargreeves in Umbrella Academy S3!!! — Most (@Most) [March 29, 2022] Elliot also said that the biggest joy about transitioning is being able to truly see himself for the first time.
“I know I look different to others, but to me I’m just starting to look like myself. It’s indescribable, because I’m just like, there I am. And thank God. Here I am,” he said.
“So the greatest joy is just being able to feel present, literally, just to be present. To go out in a group of new people and be able to engage in a way where I didn’t feel this constant sensation to flee from my body, this never-ending sensation of anxiety and nervousness and wanting out.”
Beyond Elliot’s coming out story, the plot is set to throw the OG Hargreeves kids into disarray as they’re thrust into a new reality where their adoptive dad has taken on a set of new (and potentially better) group of kids – enter the Sparrow Academy.
And if that weren’t exciting enough, you’ve literally only got hours to wait until the new episodes drop. Popcorn at the ready!
Season three of The Umbrella Academy hits Netflix on 22 June.
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‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 News, Date, Cast, Spoilers

If you went a bit apocalyptic on Netflix and binged the second season of The Umbrella Academy in one go, then you’ve come to the right place. What exactly is it about these struggle-bus superheroes that makes them so dang compelling? I can’t really explain it, but having been hooked since season 1, I gotta tell you: This season somehow managed to top the first.
Now that you’re all done streaming the show, you’re probably wondering whether a third season is in the works with the streaming site. Well, you’re in luck, because I have some deets for you, and trust me—you’re going to want to read about this.
Wait, did The Umbrella Academy get the green light for season 3? You bet it did. Back in January, the show’s official IG account casually posted about a lot of changes happening at the Sparrow Academy. (Spoiler alert: There’s an alternate reality with a whole new school and team of super-siblings. Yikes.)
Along with our resident superheroes returning—thank god for some more Tom Hopper, Robert Sheehan, and Elliot Page!—we can expect to see some new faces. Maybe you’ll recognize them from other fan-favorite shows: Jake Epstein ( Degrassi: The Next Generation ), Britne Oldford ( American Horror Story: Asylum ), and Cazzie David (you definitely know her dad, Larry) are all set to debut this season.
View this post on Instagram A post shared by The Umbrella Academy (@umbrellaacad)
Elliot also gave a peek at Viktor Hargreeves on Twitter, which obviously excited fans, as the show continues filming.
Meet Viktor Hargreeves ☂️ @UmbrellaAcad
— Elliot Page (@TheElliotPage) March 29, 2022 Are there enough comics to make a season 3? You know there are! As the first two seasons of The Umbrella Academy are based on Gerard Way (you know, from My Chemical Romance) and Gabriel Bá’s comic books, it only makes sense that the newest installment of the series would take inspiration from Hotel Oblivion , the third volume in the series. Of course, there are always going to be differences between book and show, but as executive producer Steve Blackman told Collider back in August, there’s great collaboration between the author and the writers’ room for some really awesome TV in the future.
Current/returning stars Robert and Tom also teased a “whole new world” in season 3 …or so they told RadioTimes. B ut something tells me it will be neither shining, shimmering, nor splendid…with maybe the exception of Klaus’s fashion lewks.
How am I supposed to go on without and/or until Umbrella Academy season 3? That’s up to you and your god, but may I make some suggestions? Definitely watch The Old Guard while you’re still on Netflix and in an action-y mood. Or if you’re looking for a quick break from your TV, you can dig into the original comics and come up with your own theories about what’s going to happen in season 3, because the fate of the world might depend on it.
One more question. Has the third season begun filming? Two words: of course! Tom Hopper (aka our favorite jacked leader of the Hargreeves fam) posted a photo in February to his Insta, where he admitted his artistic photo of his chair is just a copy of Emmy Raver-Lampman’s (Allison/Number Three) post. While no other deets have been shared about exactly what’s to come, it’s pretty clear fans are about to be thrown into an alternate universe when the new season drops.
View this post on Instagram A post shared by emmy.raver.lampman (@emmyraver)
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tom Hopper (@tom.hopperhops)
Oh, and before you finish reading, enjoy a casual convo between Aidan Gallagher (aka Number Five) and Way about all things music and The Umbrella Academy .
Okay, so we need to know. When is it coming out? Get ready to mark your calendars! The third season of The Umbrella Academy will be out on June 22, 2022!
Is there a trailer for The Umbrella Academy season 3 yet?! Yes, and it is just as epic as you possibly imagined! Back in their original time, The Umbrella Academy got the surprise of their life when they found out that they still somehow ended up on the wrong timeline. And of course, time travel causes all kinds of messes, including giant holes sucking things in around the world. In true Umbrella Academy fashion, the team now has only a couple of days to right their wrongs, try to get back to their original timeline, and also find out what the hell is going on with the Sparrow Academy. Check it out below:
Is there any other extras? While we’re slowly counting down the hours until season 3 finally airs, Netflix dropped a surprise gift the day before the season was released by posting a bit of the first episode giving us a bigger glimpse into the Sparrow Academy. It looks like Hargreeves took a very different approach with this group of superheroes. Watch the special clip below:

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