Haix Boots Fluid FX RnD Reel

I worked on this FX project in just under 4 weeks, all the way from RnD to final sims, Lighting and Rendering. I was contacted to work on 3 shots to show a new boot from Haixs waterproofing! I spent a few days doing RnD, setting up a new PFlow Rain system with support for multiple types of droplets (Blobbly,tailing etc.) But the main Fluid sims were done in RealFlow with Hybrido FLIP Sims. The Boot splash was a time ramp shot and took advantage of RealFlows time remapper tool as well as the Macro Droplet impact on the boot. I used a custom velocity field inside RealFlow to create the rain splashes. Some meshing was done in RealFlow, some was done in Frost. VRay Proxies saved me a lot of time, I rendered all the FX and Scenes in V-Ray. The PFlow Rain rigs were meshed via Thinkboxes Frost cached to Alembic. I also worked on a procedural Wet Asphalt shader based on RealFlow Wetmaps through V-Ray.
More info on my blog soon, Final comps done by Jeff Nielsen , Special Thanks to Jeff also 🙂 .
*Do not re-upload without permission and Do Not Duplicate.
Music- TheGlitchMob- Mind Of A Beast (CC)

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