Contributions for shots / segments shown:

Elder Scrolls – Responsible for all magic, dust, debris and lightning effects using 3dsmax, fume and thinking particles (Blur Studios)

Thor 2: The Dark World – Responsible for air explosions and ship FX, ship trail rigs, ground impacts, sword FX and laser FX setups in 3dsmax using fume and Thinking Particles. (Blur Studios)

Linkin Park: Castle of Glass – Responsible for all wind and flying glass FX as well as building all reusable glass rain setups in maya. (Digital Domain – Playa Vista / Venice)

League of Legends – Responsible for all Fire FX using fumeFX and Thinking Particles. (Blur Studio)

Puss In Boots – Responsible for all visual effects – Electricity, smoke, fire, dust sparks and disintegrations (Dreamworks Animation)

Once Upon a Time Season 1 – Responsible or all magic related FX including Magic smoke, Transformation shots and explosions and rigs for fairies and magic. (Zoic Studios)

Goldfish – Responsible for sand FX using XSI and dust FX using Fume. (Blur Studios)

Fringe – Responsible for all Energy creature FX and rigs using maya. (Zoic Studios)

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