10 Women Owned Brands You Should Be Buying From

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10 Women Owned Brands You Should Be Buying From

February 14, 2021 0 Shares
Today, more and more women owned brands are emerging at a drastic rate. Women continue to make headlines as the fastest-growing demographic as entrepreneurs. In 2019, women were starting nearly 2000 new businesses per day in the US. The markets continue to become saturated with new business ideas, and it can be hard to find brands that you want to support. Women owned brand often looks to inspire other women to do just that, as we watch these women lead, we are often motivated to lead ourselves. If you are looking for women-owned brands and businesses, we have a great selection for you. Fe Noel
Fe Noel is a woman owned brand designated to lifestyle and designed to inspire women and embrace their femininity, Felisha has molded Fe Noel into a Travel, Culture, and luxurious clothing brand. Created by Felisha “Fe” Noel, Fe Noel has been generated with inspiration from Grenadian heritage, culture, glamour, and making life beautiful. Felisha Noel is a women’s wear designer from Brooklyn New York. She has a passion for traveling, intricate, detailed designs, and vibrant colors.
At 19, Felisha opened her first brick and mortar boutique in Brooklyn, NY. Her boutique centered around vintage clothing and trendsetting items. This boutique opened the door for her to create the brand, Fe Noel, and continued to ignite her passion for helping other women. Felisha believes in women owned brands and works tirelessly to offer women a position in the fashion industry. Fe Noel has worked on collaborations with Bloomingdales, Labron James & Nike, Sparkle Gold, and Harmonia Rosales. She has also worked to open the Fe Noel foundation, a foundation created to help and empower women entrepreneurs. This women-owned brand continues to grow and prosper, allowing women to feel unique and beautiful in the clothes they are in. @fenoel Advertisement Mikoh
Mikoh is a woman owned brand, selling swimwear created by sisters, Oleema and Kalani Miller, who grew up in Orange County, California. The Mikoh line was created for the modern women, inspired by a life spent in bikinis by the ocean. Oleema spent her college years traveling the world, surfing, and getting inspiration for new friends and new places. As the creative director of Mikoh, she finds great strength and inspiration from her travels.
Kalani bears the brunt of the business aspect of Mikoh, utilizing her education to grow the business. As sisters, their individual talents work well together, allowing for them to create a brand that centers around their drive to inspire and dress the confident, modern women. Mikoh is synonymous with beauty, femininity, and strength, and this is exactly what their brand exudes. This woman owned brand looks to motivate and inspire active women who enjoy spending days on the beach and life in the water. Advertisement Anne Sisteron
Paris Born Model, Anne Sisteron, had a passion for fine jewelry and luxurious finds. She turned that passion into the woman owned brand, Anne Sisteron, creating and selling jewelry to friends, family, and at markets on the streets of Paris. As her passion for jewelry continued to grow, so did her jewelry line, eventually expanding into the Anne Sisteron Jewelry brand.
Now the brand has grown into an internationally known destination for luxurious jewelry, with prices ranging from $750 to $50,000. Fashion icons and celebrities, Anna Kendrick, Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato, and Kate Hudson to name a few, wear Anne Sisteron’s designs and the line has been featured in magazines such as Bazaar, Elle, and Vogue. Anne sisterson has taken her women owned brand and created a jewelry empire, making beautiful, intricate details for every woman. Advertisement Yuzefi
Constantly inspired by other women and women owned brands, Naza Yousefi created the brand, Yuzefi, a London based fashion company that strives to embrace diversity and newness with an exploratory approach to design. Naza Yousefi created the line when she was looking for a way to create and have professional freedom within her career. Naza bases the companies aesthetic on the world around her, drawing inspiration from new perspectives and diversity.
As a young girl in Iran, she would draw dresses and her mother would bring them to fruition. Once she moved to London, she created her first line, centered around her love for leather and diversity, creating unique looks that would become admired by many. The women owned brand has now expanded, selling unique bags and intricate accessories. She has since grown the brand into a well-known fashion company with a bold sense of originality, and no end in sight. Advertisement TM
Tamara Malas began working in the fashion industry at a young age, designing and creating looks for other fashion brands. She realized that many women, women of different shapes and sizes often had a difficult time partaking in the fashion world, as there were very limited brands that catered to diverse bodies. She decided to turn her attention to her own brand, TM to design for women who had a difficult time finding fashionable pieces in their size range.
B road size ranges have always been an area of the industry that tends to lack, with many designers catering to women of ‘average’ sizes. Tamara knew that the average women did not actually fit into the average sizes of the fashion industry, and saw the need for exclusive fashion. Tamara works to raise women up, creating beautiful, comprehensive designs while collaborating with other women owned businesses. Advertisement Equilibria CBD
This woman owned brand is founded by Coco Meers and Marcy Capron Vermillion, Equilibria CBD company markets and sells CBD oils to help relax and calm the busy, modern woman. After suffering from chronic pain, both Coco and Marcy found the power of CBD.
With female-focused science, this women-owned brand strives to provide women with CBD that is GMO-free, pesticide, and herbicide-free and works to assist women’s diverse bodies. For women, by women Equilibria is scientifically formulated to aid in Cyclical changes and chronic pain that women often experience. Coco, Marcy, and the EQ team strive to make women feel relaxed and minimize pain while offering a clean formula to do just that. This women owned brand is for women, by women and created to stimulate and relax women. Advertisement

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